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Building brands though authenticity, growth and community insights

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Zach Colman, Founder of CREATITIVE

Discover the secrets to transforming your personal brand into a thriving community with branding expert Zach Colman, Founder of Creative.
Listen as I, Shay Wheat, and Zach dive deep into the philosophy that genuine human connections trump transactions every time, and explore how life’s pivotal moments can shape our entrepreneurial journey.
Join us as we unravel the challenges that come with scaling a business and learn why grounding your brand in clear values and outcomes isn’t just a strategy, it’s a game changer. Zach’s expertise and my own experiences combine to offer you a roadmap for aligning personal growth with corporate identity, ensuring your business is not just successful, but meaningful.
Venture beyond the conventional with our discussion on the Three Pillars essential to fortifying your entrepreneurial spirit. From the foundations of self-connection to the heights of confidence, we share anecdotes and insights on cultivating a business environment that resonates with authenticity.
Key moments:
9:11 Building a Community-Based Brand
11:51 Successful Brand Building Through Connection
17:02 Discovering Superpowers in Assessing Company Health
22:21 Connection, Confidence, Contribution in Life
Zach Colman is the Founder of CREATITIVE a successful GRIT-Focused Branding Agency and expert in personal and corporate branding. He has helped countless professional athletes personal brands and athletic-driven corporate brands build mindsets and help them build their brands around community.
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