Is This You?

  • You know that you have something to offer your clients. Whether you gained that from personal experience or from years of experience, you can help your clients move into their next new level, and find success!

  • You are ready to expand your reach, scale your business and leverage your time so you aren’t always in a sales cycle. You are ready to host an event to give your audience a deep connection and show them you can help them take the next step, in an easy, rewarding, and dare we say it . . . fun way
  • You’ve said “Yes!” to hosting an event!
And now, you are realizing that hosting an event is a whole new level of business that you were not prepared for. Maybe you are thinking . . . “I don’t even know what to ask for help with?” or “Why did I commit to doing this event again?”

You are dealing with marketing and selling tickets, and now the audio/visual team that you just remembered to hire, wants a playlist, but your customer support inbox is full of messages that the booking link to the hotel isn’t working correctly.

And you know you need to create a workbook and your presentation slides, but you are sliding into bed, exhausted but those things still aren’t complete.

Then are you waking up in the middle of the night thinking about your offer, and worried about creating that cart, because you need to put that in the workbook?

You are thinking . . . why! Why can’t I find someone to help me. There has to be an easier way! And then you start to doubt yourself because you haven’t sold enough tickets . . . because you just don’t have time!

Before working with Grace and Ease Productions, these are the thoughts our clients came to us with. We hear these struggles!
And then after working with us, we hear things like . . . “I could just relax into the process!”, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but Shay knew!”, or “Their team knew what was in my mind, before I did.”

We focus on creating the structure and executing the customized plan based on our years of experience in the transformation event industry, so that our clients remain focused on the things only they can do, handling them in the right order, at the right time.

We support people just like you!

Even if you are already in the planning process, we can jump in and take things off your already full plate to create a successful six or seven-figure event.

Or if you are ready to expand your reach, and are thinking about hosting an event, let Grace and Ease support you.

Often, just one call with Shay is the difference between doing it alone or doing it successfully.

Schedule a call today to get started!