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where are my designs

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Yanique Dacosta, Founder of YKMD

Where are my designs? Why is it taking so long to create a simple image?

Have you asked yourself these questions when waiting on a designer?

Yanique Dacosta shares what designing looks like from the other side of the desk on this week’s episode of Creating Powerful Impact.

Listen as Yanique shares how we can best support our design teams and what information will allow them to create next level designs.

Yanique DaCosta is a Jamaican-born graphic designer and entrepreneur with a passion for advocating for diversity and inclusivity in the design industry. As the founder and owner of YKMD, Yanique has over 13 years of design experience and has been recognized as an expert in Brand Development and Graphic Design by the United States Department of Labor. Yanique has made significant strides in her career, serving on the Executive Board of the Graphic Artists Guild as National Treasurer before being elected as the first Black President of the organization. She is also a Vice President of the International Council of Design, where she advocates for the design community worldwide.

Get your pens ready as Yanique shares how to create a successful and productive team as a project manager.

Writer Downers

1) 2:52 Ask for help

2) 6:29 How can I communicate with the design team better?

3) 14:28 Project management

Don’t miss Yanique’s recommendation for every business owner at 11:05.

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