Discover the Perfect Venue Without the Hassle

Outsource Your Event Sourcing to Save Time, Money, & Stress

In-person events are back in a big way, and venues are booking up faster than ever. Finding the right spot for your event can be a real hassle.  At Grace & Ease Productions, we get it.

Letting us handle your venue search will save you time, money, and a whole lot of headache.

In a Three-Month Window Alone, Grace & Ease Productions'
saved clients over $50,000 on venue contracts alone!

Too Many Venues, Too Little Time?

Choosing from a sea of venue options can be overwhelming. Our extensive network and industry know-how let us quickly pinpoint the best venues for your event, cutting through the noise and saving you precious hours.

How We Help:

  • Venue Expertise: We use our connections and experience to find venues that match your vision perfectly.
  • Save Time: We do the research and initial vetting, presenting only the best options to you

Dreading the RFP Process & Contract Negotiatons?

Crafting a solid Request for Proposal (RFP) and negotiating with venues can be a real pain. Miscommunications and overlooked details can lead to less-than-ideal proposals and terms. Our team creates detailed RFPs tailored to your event and handles all the negotiations, so you don’t have to.

How We Help:

  • Custom RFPs: We make sure your needs are crystal clear, attracting the right proposals.
  • Pro Negotiations: We lock in the best terms, saving you money and ensuring every detail is covered. 
  • Your Advocate: From pricing and payment schedules to cancellation policies, we’ve got your back.

Afraid of Missing Important Details?

Planning an event involves many moving parts, and it’s easy to miss something crucial when sourcing a venue. From technical specs to budget constraints, any oversight can lead to costly mistakes. Our thorough approach ensures nothing slips through the cracks. And let’s you and your team focus on your business.

How We Help:

  • In-Depth Research: We find venues that check all your boxes, from location to facilities.
  • Detailed Insights: We give you the lowdown on each venue’s offerings and potential drawbacks, so you can make informed choices.
  • Ongoing Support: We manage all interactions with the venue, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • Proactive Solutions: We audit the venue and address any potential issues before they impact your event.

Real Result - Real Benefits

Time Savings:

Imagine not having to spend hours and hours looking for venues.  For one client, we reviewed over 125 options, saving them more than 100 hours and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in lost opportunity for paid speaking engagements.

Cost Savings:

We are pros at negotiating. We've saved clients thousands of dollars, whether it’s avoiding ridiculous fees like $75 for a pork chop or $250 for an extension cord. We know all the tricks to get the best rates and terms.

Peace of Mind:

You can relax knowing we’ve got you covered. We make sure everything is legally sound and that the venue perfectly fits your event’s goals. We handle all the stressful stuff so you can focus on making your event amazing.

Real Success Stories

Mike Campion, CEO Grow My Cleaning Company

When Mike Campion’s (Grow My Cleaning Company) Masterminds outgrew what AirBNB or VRBO homes could offer for common meeting space, he turned to Grace & Ease Productions to source three venues a year in three different parts of the country. His requirements include a family-friendly location, great meeting room space, and affordable pricing!

His members are long-term members, so finding new cities to explore is important to them. We leverage our national network to source venues that meet Mike’s and his members expectations, while providing the best value and experience.

Sarah Gray, Amplify Your Business

As hosts and their communities crave in-person connection, they are not limiting themselves to standard hotel meeting spaces or inside US borders. And neither do we! During Amplify Live, host Sarah Gray proudly show cased her home of Ireland, hosting her event in the national stadium and the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association.

Sarah leveraged our experience to reimage the space so that the guest experience flowed seamlessly from registration and sponsor interaction and into the main session room while having space for their networking passion.

Matthew Gillogly, Mavrix Profit System

When Matthew's venue had to be evacuated for an emergency right after he had made the invitation to his audience, we were able to negotiate compensation for lost opportunity, while still using the credit we had negotiated with the venue during the previous event.

Our Flat-Fee Venue Sourcing Package Includes:

Discovery Call to Identify Event Vision and Program Needs

During this session, we’ll dive deep to understand your vision, goals, and specific needs. We’ll discuss your ideal attendee experience, program structure, and any special requirements to ensure we have a clear and comprehensive understanding of your objectives.

Customized Request for Proposal (RFP) Creation

Based on our discovery call, we’ll craft a custom Request for Proposal (RFP) tailored to your event’s unique needs. This document will clearly outline your requirements and expectations, ensuring potential venues can provide accurate and relevant proposals. Our expertise in RFP creation guarantees that all critical details are covered, from technical specifications to budget constraints.

Venue Sourcing, Research & Negotiations

With your RFP in hand, we’ll leverage our extensive network and industry knowledge to source potential venues that align with your event’s vision. We conduct thorough research to identify venues that meet your criteria, ensuring they have the necessary facilities, location, and ambiance. Our team will handle initial negotiations, securing the best possible terms and pricing.

Venue Selection Recommendations & Presentation

Once we have identified suitable venues, we’ll compile a comprehensive list of recommendations. We will present these options to you, providing detailed insights into each venue’s offerings, strengths, and any potential drawbacks. This presentation allows you to make an informed decision, confident that each option has been vetted to meet your specific needs.

Contract Finalization

Negotiating venue contracts can be complex and time-consuming. Our experienced team will handle all contract negotiations on your behalf, ensuring favorable terms and conditions. We’ll address all aspects, from pricing and payment schedules to cancellation policies and additional services. We aim to secure a contract that offers the best value and flexibility for your event.

Venue Liaison Service

Our support doesn't end after the contract is finalized. We act as your liaison with the venue, ensuring smooth communication and coordination throughout the planning process. Our team will conduct a thorough venue audit review, assessing the venue’s readiness and identifying any potential issues before your event.

Post Event Audit & Review

After the event, we review the invoice and all charges to ensure accurate accounting and billing.