A Profitable Event Master Class with Shay Wheat

Unlock the Power of Events to Scale Your Business

Discover how to create an event strategy that aligns with your business goals!

Thursday, February 9th
9:00-10:30 am (PT) / 12:00-1:30 pm (ET)

The Event is a Completely Free Event.
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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  Look no further than our Master Class on the Power of Events!

Hosting events is the fastest way to scale your business and fill your high-ticket programs. You can build relationships, generate leads, and close sales on the spot by bringing your ideal clients together in one room.

Shay Wheat, Founder and CEO of Grace & Ease Productions, Inc with Founding Partner of Gauvreau & Associates CPA Firm, The ASCENT Peak Performance and Million Dollar Year programs and Best-Selling Author of The Wealth Entrepreneru Robert Gauvreau, and Juan Bendana, Founder of The 100 Day Playbook

Here's what we will uncover:

Create an Event Strategy that Aligns with Your Business Goals

Attract and Engage Your Ideal Clients

Effectively Promote and Market Your Event

Close Sales and Upsell to High-ticket Programs

Use Events to Build a Community and Create Raving Fans

This Master Class is for you if:

Are a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level, and are interested in understanding how events can be part of your strategy

Are an entrepreneur who wants to increase revenue by closing sales and upselling to high-ticket programs once or twice a year

Are a coach or author wanting to overcome the challenges that come with hosting events on your own

Are a marketing professional who wants to learn the latest strategies for event promotion and marketing

Need more details?

Create an Event Strategy that Aligns with Your Business Goals

Our masterclass will teach you how to design and execute an event that meets your specific business objectives, such as lead generation, sales, community building, and more.

Attract and Engage Your Ideal Clients

Attract and engage your ideal clients by learning the strategies and techniques for identifying and targeting your target audience. Our masterclass will teach you how to design an event that appeals to your ideal clients, and how to create an engaging and memorable experience that will keep them coming back.

Effectively Promote & Market Your Event

Our masterclass will teach you the latest strategies and best practices for event promotion, including digital marketing, networking, and public relations, including using the lastest advances in AI tools

Close sales and Upsell to High-ticket Programs

Discover how to close sales and upsell to high-ticket programs during your event. Our masterclass will teach you how to create sales opportunities, close deals on the spot, and upsell to higher-value programs to maximize revenue.

Use Events to Build a Community and Create Raving Fans

Use events to build a community and create raving fans. Our masterclass will teach you how to design and execute events that foster community, create emotional connections, and generate positive word-of-mouth for your business.

It’s Free! Register Now, to learn the strategies that Shay is sharing with her private clients to help fill their events with the right-fit clients.

And, if time allows, Shay has agreed to answer your questions!  Get access to Shay Wheat, Certified Event Producer™, Founder and CEO of Grace and Ease Productions, Inc.

This Masterclass is being held exclusively on Zoom; Feel the power of connecting with Shay and other powerful coaches, business owners and transformational leaders using events to scale and leverage their business and impact.

“If you are looking to host a profitable event, you MUST hire Shay and her team.

We recently hosted a 3-day virtual event. Shay and her team completely elevated the experience for attendees. For example, her team created a visually impressive dashboard for attendees to log in and use for the 3-day experience. We had many people commenting on how great it looked!

Beyond that, her team provided expert on-the-spot support before, during, and after the event so that we could not only meet our goal but completely surpass it!

I know that the quality of the event and the experience attendees had wouldn’t have been possible without Shay and her team’s help.

If you’re even thinking about hosting any type of event and you want it to stand out, keep engagement high, and meet your income goals, have Shay in your corner!”

@jessica Terzakis

Grace & Ease Productions, Inc supports our clients in creating Powerful and Profitable events.

Producing In-Person and Live-Virtual events from 50 to 4,000 or more attendees, and collaborating with many well-known celebrities such as Dr. Oz, Lisa Nichols,  Dr. Claire Zammit, Bill Baren, Alison J. Prince, Josh Turner, and many others. We assist Speak-to-Sell clients to be extremely profitable with their events: just recently one client generated over $2.1 Million dollars in one Virtual Live 3-day event.

Our clients have made over $28 Million in revenue, gaining over 3,500 NEW clients and changing the lives of over 18,000+ attendees.

Our team handles all the planning, speaker & sponsor support as well as the production of Virtual Live and In-person events to create experiential, revenue-generating, and exciting events for attendees.

Andrew Ybarra
In my opinion, she is the absolute best event producer I have ever worked with and has helped her clients create amazing experiences for their participants.

She brings incredible insight and expertise to events that uplevel them so the entire team feels supported and confident.

Andrew Ybarra

AV Lifted
Untitled design (51)
Thanks to Shay’s support, experience and grounded loving presence, my first live event was powerfully transformational for all who attended, and it resulted in 6 figures plus, in cash for my business.

Deborah J Fryer, PhD

Coaching For Creative Entrepreneurs
Untitled design (52)
Shay has been amazing to work with in so many ways. 

We hired her to help manage and plan our first big event with over 200 attendees.  She’s a master at what she does and I don’t think we could have done it without her.  Our team loved working with her too, and it’s always great to work with people you like.

Josh Turner

Linked Selling
Shay, you are absolutely amazing!

Grace & Ease made this day seamless for me and for my team, as we support 150 entrepreneurs.  I know we changed lives today. I can’t recommend Shay Wheat and her team enough.

Robert Gauvreau

Gauvreau CPA
Alison-J-Prince (1)
When you can walk in and go “That is exactly how I envisioned it in my brain and I didn’t even have to tell you that’s what I wanted”.

Alison J. Prince

#Because I Can
“Shay Wheat was FANTASTIC to work with. 

Even if you are starting out and have the opportunity to work with her through her ”Powerful Event Process” or are ready to go BIG and have her run your event… She is WORTH it!!! I am so grateful that Shay took us on as her client and I look forward to a continued relationship with her in the future.

Mai Vu

Hot Life, Hot Love
Shay is the best Event Producer in the Industry!

She thinks of every detail and handles all the logistics . . . which allows us to be fully present with our audience and rock our event.

Mark & Shannon

Big Impact
When I realized that I could completely put my trust in Shay and in her team . . . 

to handle all of the moving parts to create an incredibly successful, connected, intimate, and beautiful experience, not only was it an amazing experience for me and my team, but it was an amazing experience for all of our attendees. I don’t think,  I’ll ever work with another event producer, other than Shay Wheat.

Kellee Rutley

KNR International
Copy of Amy 2017 photoshoot (910 of 1115)-650
My first three-day live event was the most amazing and magical experience.

I am so grateful and true pleasure of working with Shay Wheat and her amazing, amazing team.  I absolutely could not have done it without her, because every week leading up to the event, we had meetings to cover every single important detail to make it as successful as it was  We exceed over a half-million dollars, but beyond the money is about how I’m able to make a much bigger difference for people. Thank you so much Shay, for everything you did for me, and for my team, to help us and hold us accountable to every detail, even when I was in break-down.  I love you so much and I can’t wait for our next event together.

Amy Yamada

Dream Big
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