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How to Craft a Lasting Business Narrative

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Tracey Watts Cirino, Founder and CEO of Beyond Common Coaching & Consulting Company

Unlock the code to business success and personal fulfillment with Tracey Watts Cirino, as we illuminate the path to harmonizing your passions with your entrepreneurial pursuits on the latest episode of Creating Powerful Impact.
Tracey, a five-time number one international best-selling author and podcast host of Beyond Common Business Secrets, joins us to share her incredible insights on the synergy between luck and consistency, and how to transform audience curiosity into enthralling content.
With her Beyond Common essential system, she teaches entrepreneurs how to navigate past their own obstacles, embody their business dreams, and forge a life brimming with zeal and intent. Tracey’s adept methods for optimizing time, alongside her innovative approach to converting casual inquiries into valuable insights for a wider audience, are game changers for anyone looking to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.
Tracey and I unravel the intricacies of aligning one’s intrinsic gifts with the right opportunities as we traverse the landscape of business and personal development. We confront the necessity of pushing through fear to achieve alignment, essential for lasting satisfaction and success in any endeavor.
We underscore the power of gaining clarity in tumultuous times, finding solace in a supportive community, and maintaining a positive, yet realistic, perspective amidst adversity.
This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for those eager to untangle the energetic webs of their lives, question their deepest motivations, and take incremental steps toward their grand visions.
Tracey’s journey in developing her certification program serves as a testament to the clarity and triumphs achievable with the right support, guiding listeners toward their own monumental achievements.
Key Moments:
1:45 Achieving Success Through Consistency and Intuition
10:07 Protecting Peace Over Problems
16:23 Vision and Alignment for Personal Growth
21:01 Untangling Energetic Cords in Growth

Tracey Watts Cirino is a 5-time #1 international best-selling author, award-winning business owner, highly engaging empowering speaker and podcast host of Beyond Common Business Secrets which is ranked in the top 5% of all podcasts.

Tracey is a powerhouse dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve greatness. With dynamic keynotes, transformative retreats, immersive workshops, digital training programs, and exclusive mastermind groups, she empowers business owners and leaders to harness their personal power and create customized success systems.

As the founder and CEO of Beyond Common Coaching & Consulting Company, a Cleveland, OH-based business that provides business growth strategies and speaking services to business owners across the world, Tracey is a Certified Success and Mindset Coach, Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, and John C. Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and trainer. With her gifts of clarity and cutting through the B.S. while serving companies all across the globe, Tracey has developed the proven BEYOND Common Essentials System and the BEYOND Common Method and is dedicated to helping you get out of your own way in order to achieve your business dreams while building a life you love. On any given day you will find Tracey passionately doing work she loves or enjoying spending time outdoors hiking, or cooking with her family and their beloved dog, Rocky right at their heels.
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