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Harnessing the hero's journey

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Tom Jackobs, Impact Pilot

Today, on the Creating Powerful Impact podcast, we’re diving into the art and science of storytelling with a focus on crafting stories that not only captivate but also drive action.
My guest, Tom Jackobs, is a master storyteller dedicated to helping clients shape impactful narratives to fuel business growth. Tom believes that storytelling is a unique blend of art and science, enriched with drama to create truly remarkable tales that resonate with audiences and, importantly, drive business success.
We explore the significance of finding the right story, the power of vulnerability, and how impactful storytelling can be a catalyst for transforming your audience. Tom shares his insights into identifying key moments in your life that carry valuable lessons, emphasizing that impactful stories can emerge from a variety of experiences, not just tragedies.
We discuss the role of personal stories, even those that might be a little embarrassing, in building authentic connections with your audience. Tom sheds light on how sharing personal challenges and triumphs, especially in heart-centered professions like health and fitness coaching, can create a strong bond with potential clients.

Highlighting the importance of structure, Tom introduces the Hero’s Journey, a storytelling archetype used by Hollywood, as a powerful framework for constructing narratives. He walks us through the key elements, from the impactful moment to the resolution, and explains how this structure can be adapted for different storytelling contexts, such as a 15-minute keynote, a 5-minute sales presentation, or a concise 2-minute elevator pitch.
Tom also shares a valuable lesson from a challenging experience in his entrepreneurial journey, underlining the need to balance the information shared during a presentation. He advises on the importance of giving the “what” but selling the “how” to create a compelling narrative that leaves the audience eager to learn more.
Writer Downers
6:45 The Hero’s Journey and Impact Moments
13:52 Power of Storytelling to Engage Audience
18:28 Improving Sales Techniques
Tom Jackobs, helps his clients craft their impactful stories so that they can grow their businesses. Tom believes that storytelling is much more and is a part of it being not only art but science, and combines the two, also adding in the drama, to create that remarkable story so that you, as the speaker, can transform the world.
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