The Universe Always Provides

I believe this with my whole heart.

And I’ve seen it proven over and over in my life, the lives of the Leaders I support AND of the People they serve.

So when I was asking for my honey to show up, I was extra conscious of ways my “ego” mind would creep in to keep me “safe”.

When my friend, Fiona invited me out, one Saturday night  . . . (to be the 3rd wheel with her and her husband…or at least I saw it that way), I had a number of objections and excuses.

I found myself thinking:

“I have another party to go to that I know everyone there. That seems safer.”

“I don’t have the time to go to two parties.”

“I don’t know anyone at the other party.”

“I have fear around meeting new people.”

As I explained all this to Fiona, I could literally feel myself contract with objections!

It was time for me to put into play some of the tools I’ve learned over the years of being in the self-development world.

For me, it is all about Trust.

Trust in myself, and Trust in the Universe and that it always provides.

Noticing my resistance. Acknowledging that the resistance is simply an old pattern.  

One by one I removed the objections:

“I have another party to go to that seems safer.” Silly me, parties aren’t scary they are fun!

“I don’t have time for two parties.” If I manage my time, I can create space for both.

And so on…

When I removed the objection (similar to when we remove the objections for our clients, right?!) and took a look at why the resistance showed up,  I decided to go to the party where I didn’t know anyone…

…and that is where I met my honey!

The universe was providing the route to him and I was throwing objections at it!

Where in your life and business are you asking something, and then . . .

. . . when an opportunity (coach, webinar, meeting, party, etc) presents itself you say –  “I don’t have the time, money, etc”?

Are you ready to stop objecting and say YES to leading a live event?

Just like my objections, it isn’t hard, it isn’t scary . . . it really is FUN!

I invite you to schedule a complimentary event strategy assessment with me today. Let’s find out what the universe wants to provide you.