Invest In Your team and They WILL Increase Your ROI

I was reading about Management in the “#AskGaryVee” book the other day and there was a piece that really sang to me.

“…My employee’s happiness is paramount, to the degree that I tell my clients up front that I care about my employees first, their customers second, and them last. Interestingly, I’ve never lost business because of it…”

Gary sees his team as assets to his business versus a liability.

He invests in them and in return it produces not only an internal community of Trust, Support, and Appreciation but also Partnership.

This may seem like I’m bragging, and I am, a little. But more than just being proud, I want you to see what is possible for YOU! For Mark and Shannon, I watched people on their team come and go leaving them holding the ball for things they shouldn’t be worried about.

New team members were thrown into a confusing mess trying to sort out what the previous team had done, or not done.

I knew that Mark and Shannon deserved to be supported completely so they could just focus on the transformation they created in their events.  So I created a system to train the new team allowing them to get up to speed immediately and easily fit into the event planning part of the business.

Mark and Shannon now have a system to train their team on events and generate massive sales.

Since hiring Shay we’ve been able to release all the event planning and logistics. Now we have more PEACE OF MIND, knowing things won’t fall through the cracks. We can trust all the details get handled with ease and grace… which allowed us to generate $1.1M in sales in 18 months!”

The good news: It doesn’t have to cost 10’s of thousands of dollars to have a trained team.  A trained team can double what you are bringing in for a fraction of what it would cost to bring in my Certified team to handle it all.

Once you understand the Train Your Team system, you can train your team to be with you throughout the years. Should someone move on, you’ll have the system to easily train new team members to be up to speed in supporting you.  Thus giving you peace of mind that all the details are being handled so you can shine.

I invite you to consider a training system to implement with your team and start focusing on your genius and what REALLY makes you money.

Schedule a complimentary “Train Your Team” call with me to explore how having the right team, who knows exactly what to do, can make your events even more profitable, transformational and fun.