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How to Conquer the Event Sales Game

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Rudy Rodrigues, CEO of V.E.S.T

Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of closing a sale and then wondered how you could replicate that success over and over again in the event industry?
Your host, Shay Wheat, teams up with sales wizard Rudy Rodriguez Live and in person, whose experience as a former naval officer has sculpted him into a sales strategy virtuoso.
Our conversation breaks down the urgency of rapid responses to client queries, and we navigate through a sea of sales techniques and effective communication strategies that are sure to captivate your audience and increase event participation.
We tackle the ‘law of diminishing intent’ head-on, providing you with actionable insights to keep your sales momentum from fizzling out. When it comes to the aftermath of your events, we address how to overcome the financial stress that can come from poor sales performance, emphasizing the value of a competent team that can handle attendee objections on the fly.
Listen as we shed light on the pivotal decisions that shape the success of hiring for your sales team. We peel back the layers of the top-grading methodology and reveal how a nuanced approach to reference checks can help you assemble your dream team.
Sharing stories of hiring mishaps, we illustrate the stark contrast between relying on volunteers versus investing in professional expertise. And for those leaders at the helm, we offer golden nuggets of wisdom on how effective leadership can leave an indelible mark on your team’s performance and, ultimately, your event’s success.
Join us for this treasure trove of sales strategies and event management insights that are sure to change the way you think about your next big event.
Key Moments:
7:08 Event Leader’s Back Room Management
13:03 Individualized Sales Strategy for Enrollment
21:49 Continuous Improvement in Event Planning
29:18 Value of Professional Sales Teams
Rudy Rodriguez is a former Naval Officer and Aviator who brings a unique and consultative coaching approach to help clients increase their sales. As the host of the Live Event Profits Podcast, Rudy has helped his clients generate over 50M in sales of coaching, education, and mastermind offerings since 2015. Rudy’s approach is systematic and focused on tangible results, making his coaching light and fun while still delivering the outcomes his clients desire. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your sales to the next level, Rudy can help you achieve your goals.
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