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Choosing the right location

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions

Welcome to another episode of “Creating Powerful Impact,” where I, your host Shay Wheat, dive deep into the transformative world of event planning for entrepreneurs. This week, I’m taking the stage solo to share my extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

For those seeking to transform their entrepreneurial ventures through the power of events, this episode is a must-listen. My guidance on venue selection is just one piece of the event planning puzzle, but it’s an essential component that can elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Join me on this solo journey as I share my wisdom on mastering event strategy for powerful entrepreneurial impact.

Episode Highlights:

3:09 Building Community Through Events

9:43 Visualize and Plan Your Perfect Event

17:51 Engaging Events With Guest Speakers/Musicians

Key Takeaways:

– Events are pivotal in creating a know, like, and trust relationship with your audience.

– Hosting events positions you as an industry authority and provides a platform to amplify your message.

– Successful events hinge on meticulous planning and aligning every detail with your vision.

Venue Selection Insights:

– I emphasize the significance of selecting the right venue to align with your event’s vision and the desired ambiance. Whether it’s an ocean view or a cozy lawn reception, the venue sets the tone for the entire experience.

– I suggest visualizing your event in detail, considering aspects such as location, setup, time of day, length, and attendee engagement. By envisioning these elements, you can begin to craft an environment that resonates with your attendees and supports the event’s goals.

– Understanding your level of involvement and the support needed from your team is critical when choosing a venue. I encourage hosts to think about whether they prefer to focus solely on presenting or if they wish to be involved in the finer aspects of event management.

– When visiting potential venues, I advise looking at them through the lens of an event producer. Pay attention to the flow of registration, seating arrangements, and how the space can accommodate the various segments of your event.

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If you’re inspired to host your own event or if you have any questions about finding the perfect venue, reach out to me or leave a comment below. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we’ll continue to explore the elements of successful event planning.

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