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uncover the power of pricing

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Per Sjofors, the Price Whisperer

Unleash the Profit Powerhouse: The Price Whisperer challenges businesses to increase their prices, unlocking untapped profitability and overcoming the fear of losing sales volume.
On this episode of Creating Powerful Impact with host Shay Wheat, discover the captivating story of Per Sjofors, a young man from Sweden whose fascination with business took an unexpected turn. As he unearthed the intricate impact of pricing on profitability, a shocking revelation left him astounded.
Listen as Per describes a fateful visit to a luxurious London hotel that changed everything, as Per experienced the true value of effective pricing firsthand.
Writer Downers
1) 5:11 Overcoming Pricing Challenges
2) 10:58 Driving Rapid Growth
3) 22:15 The Power of Trust
As you listen, make sure you grab your pen as Per shares how to fine-tune your pricing policies to boost your profits.
Pricing has always been an interest area for Per. As a serial entrepreneur, running companies in Europe and the US, he did pricing experiences. Some of these worked spectacularly well, some did not work at all.
As a result, Per founded his company out of his frustration that what business schools teach about pricing is too abstract and too academic for a business executive to act on. Consequently, he set out to make pricing practical and actionable, and this stems from a deep understanding of how customers make their purchase decisions. Since then, he has been at the forefront as a thought leader in everything pricing and he is a sought-after speaker for a variety of conferences and business circuits. Per the best-selling author of The Price Whisperer – A Holistic Approach to Pricing Power and a member and thought-leader at Forbes Business Council and the C-Suite Hero Club. He appears regularly on podcasts and business radio shows and gets quoted regularly in the financial press, including Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Inc., Industry Week, Business Insider, and the Financial Times.
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