How Committed to the Outcome Are You?

"Commitment Is What Transforms a Promise into Reality"

I’ve watched a client recently make a series of decisions, and implement actions that seemingly are just the next step in her business and life, but recently it has become abundantly clear that she is committed to an outcome.  She is making these individual decisions intentionally and they all support her big picture outcome.  So when the hurdles of life focus course adjustments, she has just dealt with them, and moved on.  They haven’t derailed her.  They haven’t stopped her.  She is committed to her outcome.

And then, I reviewed what has been happening for me, and I’m also committed to an outcome, and making individual decisions that support that outcome. And truth be told – you probably are too. 

Making a decision about your desired outcome and committing to it, isn’t a new idea . . . but sometimes I think we forget, especially in our business journey.  We move to the next idea, the new strategy, the new  (insert your newest thing). . . we get lost in social media tasks, or visibility concerns, or client delivery . . . and we forget our commitment to the outcome.


One of the first questions that I ask a client when we start work on their event is, “What is your vision for this event?” and there is a series of questions that are follow up questions.  What I’m really asking is, “What are you committed to with this event?”  What are you declaring to your business that this event will provide?  What are you declaring to your attendees that they will receive?  What are you declaring for your team? 

When we stand in that commitment energy, all the planning, adjustments, real-time hiccups are just things we maneuver through, because we are committed to the outcome.  That doesn’t mean we don’t plan for things, intentionally chart a course, intentionally coordinate the music, the content, the multimedia experience and more, but it does mean that we can allow the living, breathing thing that is the event (the combination of who we are, and who the attendees are) follow a path that best serves, and arrive at the outcome ready for the next step.
It means we can collectively look up and recalibrate ourselves to the outcome. 

So the question for each of us is, “How Committed Are We to the Outcome?”

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