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Money as a Mirror

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions and
Money as a Mirror with Kendall SummerHawk, Creator of Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach

What if understanding your unique financial archetype could unlock your true earning potential?

Join me, Shay Wheat on the latest episode of Creating Powerful Impact, as we welcome Kendall SummerHawk, a trailblazer in money coaching and innovative pricing strategies for women entrepreneurs.

Kendall’s mission is to empower women to command their financial destinies, and through this episode, she sheds light on the pervasive money issues that can impede our progress.

Learn how money serves as a mirror to our inner strengths and vulnerabilities and why addressing financial challenges is crucial to unleashing your full potential.

We delve into the societal factors shaping women’s relationship with money, from cultural pressures to stereotypes that stifle financial confidence.

Kendall introduces the concept of sacred money archetypes—eight distinct categories that help you understand your financial behaviors and attitudes.

By identifying your top three archetypes, you can harness your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. Kendall’s engaging anecdotes and real-life examples offer a clear roadmap to transforming your relationship with money through self-awareness and growth.

Discover the transformative power of sacred money archetypes in both coaching and personal finance. From overcoming fears rooted in familial financial dependence to setting healthy boundaries in business, Kendall illustrates how understanding these archetypes can lead to more effective and empowered financial decisions.

This episode is packed with actionable insights, including a comprehensive quiz to identify your own archetypes and resources to navigate your results. If you’re ready to transform your financial mindset and strategies, this episode is a must-listen.

Key Moments:

1:23 Driving Impact in Business

2:48 Understanding Money Coaching and Limiting Beliefs

10:09 Understanding Sacred Money Archetypes

14:41 The Dangers of Being a Nurture

17:29 Sacred Money Archetypes Certification Benefits

Kendall SummerHawk created Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach training so Firestarter women become soul-driven money & business coaches for women entrepreneurs world-wide.

Plus, her unique voice & innovative strategies on pricing unlock the secret for women entrepreneurs to reinvent their relationship with money and ignite their income.In 22 years of success running a 7-figure business, Kendall’s mission is to put the power of making money into every woman entrepreneur’s hands.

Her vision is to create a world where women hold genuine money power. She’s received 9 Stevie awards including Mentor of the Year and Women Helping Women.

Kendall adores daily time with her beautiful Spanish horses and indulging in too much dark chocolate.

Connect with Kendall:

Sacred Money Archetypes:

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