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with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Melitta Campbell, The Value Whisperer

Every day that we show up as ourselves we are creating impact.
Melitta Campbell, Business and Mindset Coach, shares her journey of scaling and transitioning from the head of communications in the corporate world to the phenomenal coach she is today on the latest episode of Creating Powerful Impact.
Listen now to hear how Melitta’s Dream Client Blueprint eliminates the stress and desperate feeling for her clients when they are attracting clients, as she highlights what makes each person stand out from the rest of the market.
Writer Downers
1) 3:43 It is okay to claim your value
2) 10:01 Intorverts own 60% of businesses
3) 16:39 What is your vision?
Learn how Melitta created a network for women to learn the ropes and understand the rules of the game.
Melitta Campbell is a multi-award-winning Business and Mindset Coach who uses her three decades of marketing and entrepreneurial experience to help women confidently build a business that gives them the income, impact, and lifestyle they desire. She is also known for turning being an introvert into a quietly powerful advantage, earning her the title: The Value Whisperer. And, in her best-selling book: A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking, she shared her VICTORY Formula for creating success on your own terms. Melitta is also a TEDx Speaker Coach in Switzerland and the UK, and the host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast, a show that helps women dream bigger and achieve more.
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On the Creating Powerful Impact podcast, your host, Shay Wheat, Certified Event Producer™, Founder & CEO of Grace and Ease Productions, Inc. talks with coaches, experts, and thought leaders that are creating a wave of change with the work they do in the world. She believes that everyone has a unique message that can positively impact the world and we deserve to hear their stories. #creatingpowerfulimpact