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Just a funding bridge away

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Leo Kanell, Founder and CEO of 7 Figures Funding

Welcome back to another electrifying session of Creating Powerful Impact, where I, Shay Wheat, along with trailblazers like Leo Kanell from Seven Figures Funding, unravel the mysteries of business financing.
Listen in as Leo shares his journey from a young entrepreneur to an innovator in the funding space. Our discussion uncovers the hurdles that small businesses and startups encounter when traditional banking falls short, and how Leo’s groundbreaking solutions and educational resources are empowering business owners to flourish even without a silver spoon or impeccable credit.
In this enlightening conversation, we explore the world of building business credit and how savvy financial strategies can set you up for success.
I get into the nitty-gritty with Leo on how paying down debt can skyrocket credit scores and open doors to programs like the 0% interest card stacks. These financial tools are more than just numbers; they’re the lifeline for entrepreneurs investing in growth.
We celebrate the victories of leveraging good debt, and I offer practical tips on nurturing business credit and fostering banking relationships that could lead to your next big funding breakthrough.
Bringing this powerful session to a close, we delve into the nuances of financial strategies that are akin to a nurturing relationship. Imagine setting up a weekly “money date” to ensure your business’s financial health is on track.
We discuss how simple actions like timely bill payments, strategic credit score management, and responsible bank account handling can dramatically affect your funding opportunities.
And for those on the lookout for innovative funding strategies, like the SBA Bolt Loan program, we discuss how these can be game-changers for businesses seeking to soar to new heights.
Tune in for this riveting session filled with insights, success stories, and essential tips that could redefine the way you approach business funding.
Key Moments:
1:38 Entrepreneur’s Journey Into Funding
7:39 Financial Success Through Credit Card Strategy
12:26 Business Funding Formula and Relationship Building
Leo Kanell is the Founder & CEO of 7 Figures Funding, the 7 Figures Club Podcast, and Co-Founded the My Figures Fintech App & hosts the Go Figure Show on Youtube. He authored the best-selling book on Amazon, the Business Funding Formula. He and his teams have secured over Half a billion in funding for thousands of clients. Leo’s calling is to provide funding for startups and newer small business owners with aggressive funding solutions on his funding marketplace and powerful education to empower his clients.
He also has pioneered the buildout of the premier funding partner portal tracking software, with over 9,000 users nationwide. Loan brokers, consultants, and coaches can quickly secure funding for their clients at a 0% rate for up to 20 months to build their dream business. Leo is a Husband, Father of 5, Speaker, and Author and fights for relentless fitness endeavors. He, his wife Jill, and their 5 kids reside in Lehi, Utah where they wakeboard in the summer and snowboard in the winter.
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