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CEOs are My celebrities

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Kayley Hamilton, Founder of UpLvl Agency and 2X Emmy-Award Winner

Join us as we celebrate an incredible milestone—our 100th episode of Creating Powerful Impact!
In this special edition, we sit down with the remarkable Kayley Hamilton, a two-time Emmy award-winning journalist and founder of Uplvl Agency.
Listen in as we explore the potent synergy between the glitz of Hollywood and the grit of entrepreneurship. Kaylee’s fascinating journey from interviewing A-list celebrities to elevating CEOs into industry icons provides a treasure trove of insights on how embracing media opportunities can catapult your message and establish you as a thought leader.
We delve into the transformative effects of visibility and storytelling, revealing how sharing your journey can inspire and elevate your community and beyond.
The art of media engagement is a craft, and this episode serves up the strategies you need to succeed.
Discover how to create compelling stories that grab the attention of journalists and make waves in your industry.
I share my advice on leveraging current events, timing your pitches perfectly, and how researching and preparing for a winning conversation once you’ve landed that media interview.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur aiming for the spotlight or a seasoned CEO looking to amplify your voice, this episode is packed with actionable tips to ensure your narrative shines in the media landscape.
Tune in and learn how to present yourself as the expert you are and make an unforgettable impact across various platforms.
Key Moments:
11:13 Crafting Authentic Media-Worthy Stories
17:44 Media Interviews for Mental Health Outreach
21:45 Mastering Interviews With Practice and Positivity
Kayley Hamilton is the founder of UpLvl Agency and 2X Emmy-Award winning celebrity news reporter, journalist and producer. Kayley grew up mesmerized by the glamor of Hollywood and the influence of celebrity. Her childhood dream was to meet the people whom the world adored, to speak with them face-to-face and to connect with them as humans.
She didn’t want to be them — she wanted to know them. Although she was an extremely shy young girl from Colorado, her heart was always set on the bright lights of Hollywood. As a celebrity journalist for 7+ years, Kayley has interviewed hundreds of A-list stars including The Rock, Kim Kardashian, Chris Pratt, Katy Perry & more — and she has done so on the biggest red carpets including The Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Grammys and The Emmys.
In 2020 when life changed for us all, Kayley experienced a life transition and turned inward to search for guidance. Through the power of the media, thought-leaders, experts, high-value and heart-centered people found her. It was because of podcasts, digital articles, television segments, blogs, virtual talks and more that Kayley was able to discover not-so-distant mentors who expanded her outlook on life and helped her restructure the vision for what she believed was possible for her future. CEOs and entrepreneurs became her new ‘celebrities.’
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