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How to Connect organic pr to linkedin

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Karen Yankovich, CEO of UpLevel Media

Ever felt that dreaded imposter syndrome creeping in, just as you’re about to make your big entrepreneurial leap?
Karen Yankovich, CEO of Uplevel Media joins us to obliterate those fears, teaching us to embrace PR and LinkedIn as our new best friends in the quest to build a powerful personal brand. She’s the guru when it comes to transitioning from a seasoned professional to a coaching or consulting dynamo.
This episode is your golden ticket to transforming media appearances into concrete proof of your authority.
We’re cracking the code on creating relationships that aren’t just surface-level connections, but strategic partnerships forged through media savvy.
A polished LinkedIn profile can be your silent ambassador, working overtime to ensure that when journalists need a voice in your field, yours is the one they trust. Karen walks you through a real-life success story where a client’s smart engagement with a journalist catapulted their professional standing.
Whether you’re a real estate maven looking to snag the next big listing or an event producer aiming to pack your next seminar, understanding how to leverage your media presence can be a game-changer.
Listen to the end to hear how Karen targets the heart of business growth—networking and personal branding.
With tips on expanding your circle without resorting to cold calls, and the inside scoop on high-value networking events, this episode transforms the dreaded “schmooze” into an art form.
And what’s more, we reveal how to scale your service’s value by not just raising prices, but by revolutionizing the benefits you deliver. Tune in to this episode of Creating Powerful Impact and let Karen and I guide you to your next business breakthrough.
Key Moments:
5:58 Standing Out in a Competitive Market
16:45 Networking for Ideal Clients
19:37 Building Deeper Relationships for Success
The CEO of UpLevel Media and Host of The Good Girls Get Rich Podcast, Karen offers results-oriented and expert conversational marketing strategies that position clients to bring in instant results. Her background includes over twenty years in the field of information technology, marketing, and customer relationships, making social media her ideal niche.
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