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jonny hates marketing

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Jonny Cooper, British author, piano player and international racing drive

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Jonny Cooper ignites a clear pathway to engage and generate revenue by focusing on one offer, one audience, and one funnel, defying the distractions of shiny object syndrome.
Jonny Hates Marketing emerged as a powerful reflection of his audience’s sentiments, leading to a significant shift in his brand’s identity. As he delved into the complexities of finding ideal clients, his candid narrative left a lasting impact, offering valuable insights into the art of building a loyal community. The unexpected twist in his story sparked a newfound sense of hope and determination, leaving listeners eager to uncover the ultimate outcome.
Listen as host Shay Wheat and Jonny dive into Jonny’s business strategies including the ABC Principle and the Social Media Cocoon on the latest episode of Creating Powerful Impact.
In this episode, you will be able to:
  • Master the art of building a successful business.
  • Focus on one offer to maximize your impact.
  • Cultivate a loyal community for long-term success.
  • Overcome challenges in entrepreneurship with resilience.
  • Discover the importance of audience building for sustainable growth.
Key Moments
1:37 – The Origin of “Johnny Hates Marketing”
5:29 – The ABC Principle
8:41 – The Social Cocoon Method
23:58 – Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome
Jonny Cooper is a multifaceted entrepreneur, international racing driver, and author, best known for his role as the founder of With a strong focus on supporting coaches and therapists, Jonny’s client attraction blueprint program has been instrumental in consistently drawing in dedicated students. Renowned for his candid approach, Jonny challenges traditional marketing beliefs, aiming to simplify the client acquisition process for small business owners. His unique perspective and practical insights make him a valuable resource for entrepreneurs striving to find their ideal clients and create a lasting impact.
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