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Why you don't need ads to crush it

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and 8-Figure Business Coach Jeanne Omlor

Jeanne Omlor sits down with Shay Wheat on the latest episode of the Creating Powerful Impact podcast to share her personal experiences of going from broke to 8 figures in just 17 months.
Jeanne discusses her journey from overcoming shyness to leveraging organic marketing strategies. She offers valuable lessons on reframing perceptions of difficulty, recognizing worthiness, and taking action despite mindset blocks.
Listen as Jeanna shares how she leveraged her client reviews while balancing organic and paid marketing strategies. While there is a place for paid marketing, organic growth has been Jeanna’s go to as she grows and leverages her business.
Writer Downers
8:02 – The Power of Leverage in Business
12:34 – The Evolution of Marketing and Communication
20:31 – The Role of Ads in Marketing
29:07 – You are Worthy and Ready
Jeanne Omlor is a Certified Business Strategist and Online Business Coach. As a natural-born motivator, encourager, and voracious researcher and strategist, she became an online business coach to help people reach success. She’s here to help her clients operate at their ultimate potential. She helps people to maximize profits while being the visionary they’re destined to be. She considers herself merely a catalyst. She infuses her ICF Accreditation from Intelligent Leadership into all of her trainings so that her clients prosper while being leaders in their businesses and lives. Her clients have something in common: they’re smart go-getters who want to fulfill their ultimate potential.
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On the Creating Powerful Impact podcast, your host, Shay Wheat, Certified Event Producer™, Founder & CEO of Grace and Ease Productions, Inc. talks with coaches, experts, and thought leaders that are creating a wave of change with the work they do in the world. She believes that everyone has a unique message that can positively impact the world and we deserve to hear their stories. #creatingpowerfulimpact