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Expanding your empire with heart, head, and highest self

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Hilary DeCesare, Founder of the ReLaunch Co

When the going gets tough, the tough get going – but do they know where they’re headed?
Hilary DeCesar joins me, Shay Wheat, on the Creating Powerful Impact podcast to unravel the transformative power of her 3HQ framework, a beacon for entrepreneurial women scaling dizzying heights in both their professional and personal journeys.
Whether you’re feeling stuck at a six-figure plateau or dreaming of your next big business breakthrough, Hilary’s expertise in aligning the head, heart, and highest self promises to steer you toward your truest aspirations.
This is an episode worth watching on YouTube as Hilary takes me through a live coaching session using her 3HQ framework to ‘tune in’ and conquer my business challenge of expanding my team. It truly was an experience that I have carried on with me and have seen the transformative power of tuning in!
Scaling a business is an art laced with strategic decision-making and relentless personal development. Through this episode, we dissect the pivotal moments that can make or break an entrepreneur. The 3HQ framework comes to life as we tackle the emotional undercurrents that dictate our success, from uprooting self-sabotage to fostering the resilience necessary for bouncing back from setbacks.
As you absorb the wisdom shared by our guest Hilary DeCesar, remember that simplicity paired with the alignment of your 3HQ can be the compass that guides you to your most extraordinary life.
Key Moments
1:35 Creating Impact With 3HQ Method
7:28 Navigating Life’s Relaunches
10:55 Business Ascension Gates and Reaching Milestones
18:01 Mastering the Tune in Process
Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning business expert, 3x internationally best-selling author, and founder of both The ReLaunch Co. and The Fired-Up Entrepreneur Signature Course. This former Silicon Valley CEO is widely recognized for her work in neuropsychology and is on a mission to empower mid-life women to experience joy and reimagine what is possible both personally and professionally with her innovative framework, the 3HQ-.
Through her signature courses, private coaching, and ever-growing community, Hilary has helped thousands of women reinvent their lives, businesses, and relationships so they can show up as their best selves every day. Hilary’s work and insights have been featured on ABC’s The Secret Millionaire, as well as NBC, The Huffington Post, Forbes Coaches Council, The Hallmark Channel, Fox, and Yahoo Finance. She hosts both “The reLAUNCH Podcast” and Radio America’s “The reLAUNCH LIVE” and is a frequent guest lecturer at Cal Poly San Luis Opispo.
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