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Mastering Relationship Marketing TO Elevate your business

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Hailey Rowe, Business Coach

If you’re feeling frustrated by attending networking events and not making any meaningful connections, then you are not alone!

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation, where they’re putting in the effort but not seeing the results they desire. Instead of building strong business relationships, they may be experiencing surface-level interactions that don’t lead to valuable collaborations or opportunities. 

It’s time to shift your approach and focus on quality over quantity in your relationship building efforts.
In the world of business, Hailey Rowe embarked on a journey of relationship building and collaborations, seeking out ideal partners and understanding the needs of her potential clients. Little did she know, her emphasis on human interaction and value led to unexpected opportunities, including engaging with influential guests on her podcast. 

Listen now to learn what these unexpected opportunities were, and how they transformed her business.
In this episode, you will be able to:
  • Strengthen your business relationships and open doors to new opportunities.
  • Discover the key strategies for finding your ideal partners and clients.
  • Learn how sideline partnerships can bring added value to your business.
  • Master the basics of attracting clients and forming successful partnerships.
  • Find the right platform to organically market and grow your business.
Writer Downers
8:35 – Four Basics of Client Attraction
10:42 – Being Consistent and Reaping Rewards
13:41 – Starting Conversations and Networking
19:24 – Overcoming Business Challenges
Hailey Rowe, a marketing sales coach, consultant, and LinkedIn lead generation service provider, is passionate about helping clients boost their clientele without succumbing to social media overwhelm. With a philosophy focused on delivering impactful service and making a difference in the world, Hailey’s approach to relationship building and collaboration is both practical and effective. Her expertise lies in identifying ideal partners and strategic networking to create meaningful connections.
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