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Empowerment and entrepreneurship

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Evelyn Knight, CEO of Childcare Business Professionals

Evelyn Knight, the entrepreneurial force behind Child Care Business Professionals, joins us on the Creating Powerful Impact podcast, to shatter the mold of traditional roles. Her story is poised to inspire anyone feeling anchored by cultural expectations or personal limitations.
From her roots as a stay-at-home mom, Evelyn cultivated a flourishing multi-seven-figure empire, all while maintaining the warmth and dedication of family life. She opens up about the inner conflict and cultural pressures that nudged her towards a personal and professional revolution, crafting an identity that transcends the title of mother and CEO.
Her story isn’t just one of success—it’s a beacon for anyone seeking to reclaim their name and narrative in life’s grand design.
This intimate conversation ventures into the trenches of entrepreneurship, where the balancing act of self-care and business finances becomes a daily performance.
Evelyn lays out the stark realities of burnout, the long hours that can chip away at one’s health, and the crucible of stress that tests even the hardiest of spirits. Yet, it’s her candid moment of vulnerability, that pivotal reach for help, which captures the essence of true tenacity.
As she highlights the importance of organizational know-how and self-investment, you’ll discover the transformative power of admitting when the load is too heavy and the unexpected strength that emerges from community and mentorship.
Evelyn doesn’t just leave us with her story; she extends a lifeline of practical wisdom. Through the lens of her own experience with financial strife and business coaching, she exemplifies the surprising rewards of committing to change, even in the most dire circumstances.
Her insights into the childcare industry are invaluable, but they radiate a universal truth applicable to any business journey.
Key Moments:
8:40 Transitioning to a Business Mindset
14:22 Empowering Support in Business
20:20 Achieving Financial Success Through Guidance
Evelyn Knight is a 2 time TEDx speaker. She specializes in empowering women in business. Evelyn is a successful business owner who has mastered running an early childhood education business without giving up her life.
Evelyn is the CEO and founder of Child Care Business Professionals. She is also the host of The Child Care Business Coach podcast. Evelyn specializes in helping leaders navigate the business and psychological overwhelm of managing programs.
Throughout Evelyn’s career, she has seen children coming from preschool to adulthood and the skills they have gained; such as a deep level of problem-solving and open-mindedness. They are also mindful of diversity and equity. They are open-minded to the progress we need to see in the world.
Evelyn has seen generational changes happening right in front of her. Evelyn is passionate about elevating the Early Childhood Education field and is leading the charge in the ECE Revolution! She is involved with Early Childhood education advocacy and is leading the way to our future through young children.
The Childcare Business Coach Podcast:

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