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High-End Clients

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Elizabeth Solaru, Founder of Luxury Business Emporium

How in the world can I attract high-end clients?

Elizabeth Soluda joins Shay Wheat on the latest episode of Creating Powerful Impact to share how she attracts high-end clients and how she is creating impact in the world.

Listen to this week’s episode as Elizabeth shares 5 categories of high-end clients and how you can best serve them.

Writer Downers

1) Why is no one talking about the clients

2) Gen Z and Millennials are in a category of their own

3) Be conscious of the impact we leave

Meet Elizabeth Solaru, the brilliant mind behind Luxury Business Emporium, a prestigious luxury business coaching and consulting service. With a background in science and headhunting, Elizabeth has impressively built her own luxury business from the ground up. Her exceptional work has been recognized by top national and international blogs and publications such as Vogue, Tatler, Wedluxe, Martha Stewart, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast BRIDES.

Elizabeth’s clientele includes renowned British, European, and Middle Eastern Royalty, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities. Additionally, Elizabeth is a passionate supporter of maternal health and actively fundraises for Jeans for Genes Charity.


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5 ways to Find High-End Clients

 To connect to an amazing charity that Elizabeth mentions: Jeans for Genes


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