Are You Creating An Experience
or just a sales pitch?

Think back to a time that you attended a multi-day event. You knew the end goal for the host, was for you to join their program. Did it feel like that was the main focus of the weekend? Sales pitches weaved into every session, someone at every door ready to take your credit card number?
Or was it different?

Be honest . . .

Is your event, like this . . .
Recently, I was talking with Brendon, someone who attends these events regularly. He was comparing two recent events and his experience speaks to a key element that all event hosts need to keep in mind.
At the first event, Brendon attended he was eager to learn more from someone who he had followed for some time. Unfortunately, the speaker stood on stage, delivering the message with fervor, but something was missing—a genuine connection. There were few opportunities for the audience to digest what was being taught and a sales pitch was laid out multiple times throughout the day.
While lunch was provided, everyone had to rush to grab their lunch after standing in the bathroom line and then sit back in their seat to eat. There was not an opportunity to connect with others in attendance.
Brendon walked out of the event feeling disappointed and unconnected. He did not choose to stay connected with the speaker, even though he was offered many different ways to do so.
or like this?
The following event was a stark contrast for Brendon. From the moment he stepped through the doors, Brendon could feel a difference in the air. It was an event where networking opportunities were everywhere, strangers shared their stories, and meals were shared among newfound friends. The breaks were no longer mere pauses; they were dance parties that infused joy and camaraderie into the atmosphere.
As the speakers took the stage, something magical happened. They didn’t just deliver speeches; they interacted with the audience, inviting their input, and weaving their stories with genuine vulnerability. Brendon had never felt so seen, heard, or inspired. These speakers provided not just information but actionable steps, empowering him to apply their teachings to his own journey.
When Brendon was invited to continue being a part of the community, it was an easy “Yes”. He had already been able to take what was shared and apply it to his life, why would he not continue? It was not just about the money for the speakers, they truly formed a genuine connection with everyone in the audience and everyone walked away with something regardless if they joined the program or not.
The contrast between these two experiences left Brendon in awe. He realized that the first event had failed him by focusing solely on content and sales, neglecting the human element that makes events truly transformative. The second event, however, had fulfilled his desires—a community that embraced him, experiences that touched his soul, and speakers who genuinely cared.

We know you desire to be a host like Brendon's second event was . . .

WE also know that no one does this alone.  If you are ready to create an experience and not just a sales pitch, you need your own event coach!  You need perspective that isn’t your own, or your teams.  
If you are ready to create events that prioritize networking opportunities, genuine connections, and long-lasting impact, Grace and Ease Productions is ready to support you, from consultations to full-service event production, we want to help you create an Experience, not just another sales pitch! 

Looking for ways to improve your event attendance and conversions? 

Schedule a call with Shay to see how we can help. 


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