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Coming home

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Sofia Sundari, CEO of The Serprent School Ltd

“It does not serve anyone that I do own the fact that I have a business.”

Sofia Sundari joins Shay on Creating Powerful Impact to share how she scaled to a 7-figure business while stepping aside from the day-to-day tasks, instead focusing on her genius zones.

Sofia started her business wanting to just support as many people as possible embrace and fall in love with the full experience of being human, not focusing on the financial aspects of the business. Now she runs a 7-figure business as she stepped into abundance and stepped into the next level.

Writer Downers

1) Don’t do everything in your business

2) Stop everything and do things that bring you life

3) Coming home to the heart

Sofia Sundari is an author, transformational facilitator, spiritual mentor, and CEO of her 7 figure brand. She runs online programs and in-person immersions with a focus on empowered living, erotic embodiment, and spiritual refinement. Throughout her work wisdom keys, drawn from ancient teachings, that include Tantra, Taoism, Western Esoteric Science, and Transpersonal Psychology are made applicable to modern day leaders’ lives.

She guides her clients to work on cultivating a profound connection to the body and soul, to understand masculine and feminine energetics, spiritual intimacy, and sacred sexuality. However, in essence, all her work is about coming home to your Higher Self.

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