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Strategic Wealth Creation

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Colleen Biggs, CEO of Be You Be Strong

Ever wished you could skyrocket your business to new heights and build strategic wealth like a pro?
Well, we have the blueprint you need!
On today’s episode of Creating Powerful Impact, the brilliant Colleen Biggs, an award-winning business strategist and coach with a staggering track record of launching over 340 businesses joins me.
She’s here to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality with her insights into strategic business planning. Colleen shares her passion for numbers and their transformative role in guiding businesses. With her expertise, any female business owner can increase her influence, attract more clients, and generate more wealth.
But wait, there’s more! We don’t just stop at business scaling. We also lift the veil on the often mysterious world of real estate investing and passive income generation. With Colleen, we spill the secrets of perseverance and how to seek new opportunities.
From franchising to innovating products or services for niche markets, we’ve got your financial growth covered. Maybe you’ve wondered how sticky notes or cosmetics for women with rosacea became a hit. We’ve got those inspiring stories too!
And of course, business isn’t just about numbers or investment portfolios, it’s about people. In our final segment, we tackle the crucial aspect of networking and relationship building.
We share strategies for creating meaningful connections and nurturing them for your business’s future growth. Whether it’s the power of referrals or the art of delegation, we’ve got real-world experiences to help you navigate.
Writer Downers:
3:25 Numbers and Building Strategic Wealth
5:45 Exploring Ways to Diversify Income
18:05 Inefficient Marketing Spending
29:02 Getting Visible
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