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how to transform grief into growth

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Claire Besley, CEO and Founder of Inspired Solutions

Discover the transformative power of self-directed healing with the visionary Claire Beasley, who joins me, Shay Wheat to share her deeply personal journey through grief to groundbreaking success on the latest episode of the Creating Powerful Impact podcast.
Prepare to be inspired as Claire unveils the healing process that not only brought her back from the brink but also propelled her to pioneer a business revolution. Our heart-to-heart unravels the critical role of confronting emotional turmoil, and how doing so can pave the way for both personal enlightenment and professional triumph. Claire’s narrative demonstrates that resilience and a commitment to mental well-being are indeed the bedrock of profound change.
Feel the intensity of emotional pain and learn the liberating experience of working through it in an approach that’s reshaping the therapy world. Claire and I dissect the steps that steer individuals to engage with their pain, locate its presence within, and embark on a faster healing trajectory.
We also recount how her method’s expansion online during the pandemic led to the training of an astounding number of practitioners and its foray into the corporate sphere. The conversation delves into the necessity of robust systems and the art of delegation, which are essential in nurturing a business capable of handling such innovative and unconventional practices.
Key Moments
1:32 Self-Healing and Business
5:59 Self-Directed Healing Process Integrates Various Modalities
11:46 Healing and Processing Pain
18:04 Expanding the Impact of Emotional Regulation
20:26 Launching a Self-Directed Healing Association
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