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Revitalize & Rise: Holistic Health Hacks for Women Over 40 in Entrepreneurship

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
with Cari Vann, Founder of Movement Craft

Welcome to another transformative episode of Creating Powerful Impact hosted by Shay Wheat.
Women over 40 who are in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, this episode is for you!
In a candid conversation with expert guest Cari Vann Founder of Movement Craft, a seasoned professional with 26 years of experience, we delve into holistic health strategies tailored for high-achieving women. Unpacking the external success and internal struggles, Shay and Cari explore the pillars of stretching, fascia release, movement, therapeutic pilates, and intentional breathing, as key elements in maintaining well-being.
Cari shares insights on integrating therapeutic Pilates and whole-body strength work, emphasizing the importance of a balanced approach to prevent injuries and enhance productivity. We discuss the myths around step counts, promoting a personalized and sustainable movement philosophy.
Key TakeAways
2:45 Boost Productivity
6:33 Benefits of Fascia release
13:19 Prevention into Healing
Cari Vann is an expert in helping Women over 40 improve their health & wellness and live pain-free. She is an exercise physiologist and holistic movement mentor with over 26 years of experience, both professionally and personally. To date, she has helped numerous people transform their lives.
She is passionate about empowering women with lifelong tools to improve their health and wellness as well as to provide pain relief and prevent injury. Cari struggled with pain at an early age & became motivated to find solutions. Through her journey, Cari has found natural ways to get relief from pain and to experience the freedom of movement without causing damage to her body.
As a Christian, Cari believes that God has gifted her this journey to serve other women. She is passionate about sharing her holistic approach and helping others. Cari is the founder of The Complete WellBody Method where she can help women nationally and internationally. She is also the host of the Better Than a Pill Podcast.
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