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Work Life balance?

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Blair Koch, Founder of BizLifeHappiness and Owner of TAB Denver West

Is there such a thing as work/life balance? Or should we focus more on flowing between the two?

Blair Koch joins Shay Wheat on the latest episode of Creating Powerful Impact. Blair shares that the work/life balance goal is not something we can achieve all the time, but as business owners, there are steps we can take to get closer.

Listen to this week’s episode as Blair explains how she creates impact by bringing business owners together to bounce ideas off of each other. Blair brings business owners together through advisory boards and one-on-one coaching sessions to support each other as they create BIzLifeHappiness.

Writer Downers
1) You cannot always have a balance
2) Do your tasks lead to profitability?
3) What does your end result look like?

Blair began her career working for companies like IBM and General Motors, where she got a crash course on the business of doing business. Only she didn’t necessarily like what she saw. Blair then found success wearing a number of leadership hats during the tech startup era and even helped grow one tech business into a $500M multinational company.

Now, Blairs shares her years of acumen with delighted business groups, convention audiences, town halls, and panel discussions on hot topics like the Business Ownership Lifecycle, Essentialism As a Top Growth Strategy, and How To Plan a Successful Business Transition. Blair’s vast insight continues to entertain, inform, and inspire today’s business leaders seeking to grow their businesses and find contentment and joy while doing so.

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