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How to Repurpose Content with connection

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Atiba de Souza, CEO of Client Attraction Pros

Welcome back to Creating Powerful Impact, where I, Shay Wheat, bring on the exceptional Atiba DeSousa to unfold the secrets of content repurposing. Listen in as Atiba, a search engine optimization pro and superman of storytelling shares his expertise on maximizing your brand’s reach without succumbing to the content creation hamster wheel.
Our discussion steers away from churning out content aimlessly and hones in on strategically reusing our work to resonate deeply with our audience. Discover how to let your existing content do the heavy lifting, ensuring that your online presence is not just voluminous but also effective and impactful.
In our journey to master content creation, we unravel the essential steps to not only attract your audience but also guide them through a meaningful journey with your brand. With Atiba’s guidance, learn to start with a single platform, perfect your message, and then repurpose your golden nuggets of content across various channels.
We explore the emotional path customers tread, beginning with the ‘why’ of their problems, easing into the ‘how,’ and ultimately providing the ‘what’—your solutions. This conversation is an enlightening peek into how content, infused with emotion and logic, can cultivate trust, build a community, and subtly influence purchasing decisions.
Key Takeaways
3:30 Repurpose Content
17:58 Answer the Why Questions First
24:30 Use AI to Spark Creativity
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