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Mastering Long-Term strategies for business growth

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Ann Carden, Coach and Consultant

When you work in a premium market, you’re not as affected by economic changes and downturns. By staying in a premium market, you can create your own economy and rise above any challenges. – Ann Carden
Listen as Ann shares with host Shay Wheat, how she adapted to in economic turbulence in 2008 and not only survived but thrived in the recession.

Don’t miss this episode as Shay and Ann dive into her groundbreaking holistic approach to coaching and consulting.

Writer Downers:
1) 9:47 Leveraging LinkedIn
2) 15:42 The Power of Events and Speaking
3) 22:06 The Importance of Long-Term Commitment

Ann Carden, a business expert with a remarkable 41 years of experience in sales and marketing. In her thriving entrepreneurial journey spanning over three decades, she has successfully established seven businesses, selling five among them. Ann’s insightful understanding of the business world is gleaned from her substantial expertise in navigating varied market cycles, as well as dealing with economic fluctuations.

She is a champion of growth and innovation, offering strategic insights into building successful businesses and crafting effective sales and marketing plans. Ann is deeply committed to creating lasting impact and advocating for resilient business models and sustainable growth strategies.

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