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Step up the ladder

with Shay Wheat, CEO, Grace & Ease Productions
and Aasha LaCount, Founder of BeyondEQ International

Emotional Regulation is the one link between 90% of self-made billionaires.
Most people believe they have high emotional intelligence but after working with a number of clients from all ages and walks of life, Aasha LaCount shares many of focus on one bucket of life while letting one deplete.
Aasha LaCount, Founder of Beyond EQ International, describes the typical pattern many people follow as they build a business and pour everything into that bucket, leaving behind their partner and themselves. 
Once they truly develop their emotional intelligence and feel safe enough in their body, her clients begin to develop deeper relationships, gain wealth, and shed the excess weight in their lives.
On today’s episode of Creating Powerful Impact, Aasha goes behind the curtain to share how in the first year and a half of business she faced multiple life-changing circumstances while supporting herself and three employees. Some days Aasha had $4 left to her name and other days she would generate $10,000.
Listen as Aasha shares how she created BeyondHQ, her mission in life, and how she supports her clients as they go beyond 6 figures.
Writer Downers
1) Fight, Flight or Freeze 11:15
2) Step up the ladder 12:55
3) Behind the Curtain 15:00
Often times, event hosts face an opportunity to learn and grow right before their event, allowing them to bring those lessons to the audience. Shay shares just how important it is to step into those opportunities and go with the energy at 5:50.
Aasha LaCount is an ISEI Certified Facilitator, Coach, and Mentor. She is the Founder of BeyondEQ International and she works with high-achieving teams and individuals, as well as women in their emotional health, and feminine and sexual energy to stop burnout. Aasha has lived in 3 countries and spoken in 4, making her an expert on perspective-taking, communication, and empathy. She is the author of ‘The Empath is The Narcissist’ which is a book about trauma-bonding and the dangers of push/pull dynamics in the world. Her mission is to stop trauma and heal the planet, one person at a time.
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